Fruits and Vegetables

 The Uses of Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs


Plants are beneficial to the human body, but it should be noted that one should do their research on the plant and how it is to be taken to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Each type of plant has a different purpose and effect on the human organism.
Fruit is a seed bearing structure that blossoms from a plant. It is the easiest and quickest to digest for the human species. The major functions of fruit is to provide the body with energy from carbon, structured water, and sugars. Our lifestyle should consist of primarily fruit. 

A vegetable is the edible part of a plant that does not have a seed. They are rich in a variety of vitamin complexes and mineral content that is different than fruits. When it is difficult to consume an all fruit based diet based on environment or supply, vegetables are a great form of nutrients.

Herbs are typically known as spices, leaves, roots, seeds, and flowers in dried or fresh form. They have high concentrations of certain vitamins, minerals, hormones, steroids, enzymes, proteins or anti-oxidants. Herbs are more of a supplement instead of a food. If they are taken every day as a preventative, then the dosage should be smaller unless they're being used for medicinal purposes. Their medicinal properties should be consumed as needed and large dosages should not be consumed after a completed regimen.