I was born and raised in Mexico for 9 years. I grew up in a typical Mexican household that involved eating many traditional dishes such as enchiladas, pazole, gorditas, tamales, and tortas. Eating animals was the culture that I grew up in. I was used to seeing my grandma kill chickens in front of me, which desensitized me to what was really happening. When we moved to the USA, I was introduced to the Standard American Diet, which includes hamburgers, fries, pizza, burritos, hot pockets and many foods that I had never eaten prior to coming to the USA. As I began to incorporate these foods into my lifestyle, my drive to eat fruits and vegetables diminished because I couldn’t stop thinking about good these new “foods” were. In high school, when I started to work and make my own money, it was easier for me to buy what I wanted without anyone telling me what to buy or how it affected me. As I began to mature into my late teenage years, I started to feel and notice uncomfortable changes within and outside my body. These came in the form of heavy menstrual cycles, constant acne, increase in stomach fat, headaches, low energy, and brain fog. I didn’t recognize these symptoms to be disease. I thought they were normal and something that I had to deal with. After high school, I was more receptive to new information which led me to becoming vegan, drinking distilled water, detoxing, and taking care of my womb. As of now, I am five years into the lifestyle and I no longer suffer from any of those conditions and symptoms. I feel better now than I did when I was younger. This has been achieved through a lifestyle that is high in fruits, whole foods, self-love, alkaline herbs and juices. Changing the quality of my water, food, and mental state has forever changed my life in ways that I could not have imagined in other stages of my life.


-Jeny O


The Wavy Movement was founded to inspire others to take initiative in their journey of health, emotional well-being, and spiritual embodiment. We are here to educate others on whole foods, herbs and the many conscious tools or concepts that can help us to live intentionally. 

I was born and raised in Ukraine for 8 years. I was raised in conditions that involved poverty, abuse and starvation. Due to parental neglect, I ended up living on the streets for most of the time. When my family abandoned me at the age of 6, I went to my first orphanage. I was in the orphanage system in Ukraine for 2 years before I was adopted and brought to the USA. When I came to the USA, my health was wrecked as I didn’t have proper nutrition, safe environment, nor basic needs. As a child and teenager, I struggled with mental health, warts, cavities, skin issues, allergies, digestive issues, and trauma. Sports and movement were always a way for me to take my mind off of what was going on in my head. When I came to the USA, I was introduced to a lot of food, items, and freedoms that i never had. I had many extreme behaviors and didn't know how to cope or maintain balance. I began to hoard the food in my room out of fear of starving. I experienced many anger and trust issues. As a youth i was in counseling and therapy for many years and I began to start caring for my health more, but from the perspective of fitness and not necessarily proper nutrition or adequate mental health. I wanted to be in the NFL, so I became obsessed with eating extra calories and putting on muscle. I focused on this obsessively until i sustained 3 lower back fractures. This led me to being introduced to my first alternative health options in a book that I found while working at GNC. This sparked my interest to seek other holistic options, rethink about my life's purpose and eating healthier. A few years after, I discovered alkalinity, plant medicines, veganism, functional movement, and meditation. This rocked my life so hard that I became vegan, implemented meditation, changed my music, and I began to continually address to progress the trauma and imbalances that I was tormented with as a child. This has been achieved through a lifestyle that involves self-care, eating healthier foods, self acceptance, alkaline herbs, and being present in my body. I am grateful for the transformation I have endured. 


-Sergey H