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Our organic gold sea moss naturally grows in ocean water with rocks, wind, waves and tropical weather, which makes this a special sea moss. We ensure we provide the highest purity and quality of sea moss for our customers by giving you more sea moss and less moisture, salt and sand. Our Eucheuma Spinosum sea moss is wildcrafted from Son Hai, Nihn Thuan, Vietnam. We stand to NEVER provide pool grown sea moss.


Certified Organic by Sagoma Control Company in Vietnam


Our Sea Moss has been tested by TSL Science CO., LTD in Vietnam for heavy metals, agricultural byproducts and other microorganisms. The results are that all of the following are not detected; arsenic, lead, cadmium, aflatoxins, coliforms, aerobic microorganisms, e coli, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, spores of yeasts and moulds, bacillus cereus and clostridium perfrigens. 


What are the Benefits of Wildcrafted Sea Moss?


  • Sea Moss is rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and amino acids.
  • Sea Moss contains compounds that aid in the body's production of collagen.
  • It is also great for the thyroid because it is rich in iodine and selenium, so it can help balance thyroid hormones and reduce inflammation in the body, including inflamed joints.
  • This natural superfood contains compounds which act as antimicrobial and antiviral agents, which help to boost immunity and remove infections from the body.
  • It acts as a metal chelator, which means it removes the body of heavy metals, pollutants and carcinogens.
  • Sea Moss inhibits the growth of pathogenic viruses, yeast and bacteria.

Sea moss is safe to ingest during pregnancy. The plant can help you satisfy your daily nutritional needs.


This bundle will come with a bag of 50 gummies of each flavor! There will be a total of 4 bags with 200 gummies!


For optimal results take these daily and increase the dosage if you are experiencing any active symptoms. 


When you are taking herbal tea, we recommend drinking the herbal tea and then taking the gummies before eating.


Our 100% Vegan and Organic gummies contain:


-85% wildcrafted sea moss gel

-8% organic natural fruit

-7% organic coconut sugar!


There are 50 bite sized gummies inside!


Serving Size: 3-6 Gummies Daily!


The shelf life is 4-5 months, but it is consumable for much longer after. This is the recommended shelf life.


Why Dragon Fruit?


It is a great fruit for digestion as it is rich in prebiotics. Dragon fruit is said to improve immunity and help the heart. It is an iron rich fruit and can help build healthy bones and skin!


Why Passion Fruit?


Despite its small size, it’s rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and plant compounds that could benefit your health. In particular, it’s rich in vitamin C, A, fiber, beta carotene, and polyphenols. It is abundant in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and folate. These help your kidneys, nerves, muscles, and heart rhythm in big ways.


Why Mango?


It is a rich source of vitamin C, A and B vitamins! Mango is hydrating, high in antioxidants, and rich in fiber! Also aids with blood pressure and supporting the kidneys/intestines.


Why Pineapple?


It has similar properites to the orange since it is rich in Vit. C and B6! Supplies the body with iron, manganese, zinc and other vital minerals ! Pineapple is also a great fruit for constipation, coughs or colds. It will help thin mucous lining.


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Organic Sea Moss Gummies Bundle

  • If a package is broken or damaged by USPS that is out of our control, but we will do our best to assist you. We are NOT responsible for your replacement if your address is incorrect or is not updated. If the package is broken or damaged please reach out to us with photos of the package contents. If we do not have prove, we will use our discernment with the context of the situation to send out a replacement. We will send out a replacement following the claim on the following monday or tuesday. 

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